Re-Elect Matt HAAG for Rochester City Council
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Re-Elect Matt HAAG for Rochester City Council
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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Community Efforts to Fight Food Deserts

I’d like to talk about an organization that is doing work that is close to my heart, Prosper Rochester. I have worked with the City administration to identify local food deserts within our community. A food desert is a district with little or no access to large grocery stores that offer fresh and affordable foods needed to maintain a healthy diet. Instead of such stores, these districts often contain fast food restaurants or convenience stores. Prosper Rochester, Inc. is a program that is currently housed under the Sector 4 Community Development Corporation, a non-profit corporation that has worked for many years to improve the economic health of the SouthWest community. Prosper Rochester is establishing a fresh produce store –The Seedfolk Store – at 540 W. Main St., in an area that is known as a food desert. All staff helping operate The Seedfolk Store are volunteers. Prosper Rochester also works with neighbors who want to establish their own vegetable gardens, helps to transform vacant lots into attractive community spaces,...

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